Boyd's One Stop

Boyd’s One Stop provides you with a true "One Stop" solution for all of your fishing and seafood needs. Known as the “Live Shrimp Capital of Texas”, Jason Cogburn provides expertise in the daily purchase and marketing of fresh bait, fine seafood, and other products you will be looking for.

For years Boyd’s has provided the Galveston Bay area with the best products on the market along with some new products that will supercharge your shrimp and keep bait alive longer than any competitor can offer. With a fully supplied storefront, you will always find what you need within reach.

Stop by today and visit the “Live Shrimp Capital of Texas” for yourself and see what everyone is raving about. You can bet on our bait to be the best and our seafood to be the finest.

The Fisherman's Headquarters

Boyd's One Stop is not just a "bait camp". It is designed for the fisherman whether a beginner or a professional. We provide everything necessary to succeed in catching that first fish or the "fish of a lifetime". The liveliest shrimp, finger mullet, croaker, and mud minnows will give you the edge required to land the fish you are trying to place on the stringer. With our Oxygen Response System, you will be able to keep that live bait in its natural state, "alive and kicking". We supply all of the newest fishing tackle on the market at competitive prices making Boyd's One Stop truly the "One Stop" for all you fishing needs.

Our Location

Boyd's One Stop is located in Texas City, Texas at the entrance to the Texas City Dike. It is conveniently located on the right-hand side just before Skyline Drive. A large parking area benefits the fishermen who bring their boats providing plenty of space for parking while picking up your fishing needs. We have also provided a fish cleaning table for preparing your catch for the trip home. Power is available for electric filet knives to make fish cleaning easy. Give it a try; you will like it.

Live Video From Boyd's One Stop

Want to see what's happening from home? Boyd's One Stop offers the fisherman with a "before hand" view of the store. Live cameras are located inside the store and at the cleaning table. You can see what we have on hand and what's biting from your home. Just log in to and navigate to the live cameras section of the site.